No 18. AMBER BOTANICALS scent (contains essentials oils)



Amber + Nutmeg + Lemon + Cinnamon 

Scented with the rich and distinctive aroma of lemon, cedarwood, patchouli and amber. 

Luxuriously indulgent fragrance blend opening with a decadent combination of citrus, lemon and cinnamon spice, leading on to an intoxicating heart of frankincense, cedar and amber, wrapped in a silky base of golden amber, vanilla, elegant musks and patchouli.  

TOP NOTES:       

Lemon, Cinnamon 


Frankincense, Cedar, Amber 

BASE NOTES: Golden Amber, Vanilla, Musks, Patchouli


Handmade in Britain, the quality of our diffusers are among the best. Unlike many inferior diffusers, these will visibly and aromatically enhance any space.  Long lasting with perfect scent throw. Just pop the pack of natural reed sticks in and turn straightaway. There is no need to turn them every week.

100ml lasts 3 - 4 months.   200ml lasts 6 - 8 months.

Refills are available so you can conveniently top up your container.

Scented candles

Each candle contains the finest scent and essential oils, evenly mixed throughout the creamy natural wax.  The cotton wicks are lead-free. Every candle will bring you a clear sense of joy and fill your room with a long lasting extremely indulgent warm scent. 

Burn times
3 wick candle - up to 45 hours; 1 wick candle - up to 50 hours; each travel candle - up to 20 hours; each mini candle – up to 10 hours

Room and car spray 
Available in a handbag/ pocket size or larger atomiser.