No 6. Mediterranean Garden -- Herbal -- 100% pure botanical extracts



Rosemary + Mint + Thyme + Cedar

A fresh, invigorating Mediterranean herbal blend promoting clarity and focus.  Beneficial in times of need for inspiration and great for improved concentration.

100% pure natural essential oils & botanicals.
 Free from chemicals and toxins. Not tested on animals.


Reed diffusers - double scent throw sticks.
The quality of our natural reed sticks are the best in the world. Unlike many inferior sticks, these are highly perforated and will visibly and aromatically enhance any space.  They come in a mix of white and black.  There is no need to turn them.

Last up to 3 months.  Refills are available so you can conveniently top up your container.

Room and car spray 
Providing you with this long lasting scent in a convenient bottle to enhance your room, car and office.

Scented candles
Each candle is made from 100% finest essential oils and botanicals and evenly mixed throughout the creamy botanical wax. The 100% natural ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. The cotton wicks are lead-free. Every candle will bring you a clear sense of wellbeing and fill your room with a long lasting scent. 

Burn times
4 wick candle - up to 60 hours; 1 wick candle - up to 45 hours; each travel candle - up to 20 hours; each mini candle – up to 10 hours